Ep. 76 - The Truth About Hate Speech

If you pay the slightest bit of attention to the news – nationally or locally – you’ve likely noticed a movement to squash free speech. Sometimes it’s subtle such as a gentle reminder from your spouse not to bring up a particular topic at the family gathering lest you offend Uncle Pete. However, what is happening with more frequency is mass censorship of speech under the guise of calling it “hate speech.” 

What is the truth about hate speech?

Show Notes

Why America Needs Hate Speech Law

UC Berkeley Students Try to Ban Hate Speech From Campus

Cornell Students Move to Ban Hate Speech

Europe Policies Hate Speech; Time for U.S. to do so, too

Freedom for the Speech We Hate

Howard Dean's Wrong Tweet

Hate Speech is Free Speech Governor Dean

Connecticut: Where Ridicule Is A Crime - Alan Dershowitz

Poll: Majority of College Students Support Punishment for Offensive Holloween Costumes

Hate Speech Doesn't Exist

Op-Ed: Actually, hate speech is protected speech

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