Ep. 88 - The Truth About Secession - Part II

In Episode #87, I introduced you to the concept of secession. We reviewed current and past secession movements and offered three reasons it is necessary AND good - decentralization, self-determination and competition. In this episode, I discuss the fourth reason secession is desirable - the idea that smaller is better. After that, we will discuss how secession is justified and dispel the most common objections to the concept of secession.

Show Notes:

American Secession: The Looming Threat of a National Breakup, F.H. Buckley

Mises Institute:

Tom Woods Podcast:

The Brion McClanhan Show:

Secession is for Morons

Secession is a Solution for Deep Political Division

Ron Paul: Thoughts on Secession

Credit Suisse: The Success of Small Countries

Greater Idaho Conservatives Oregon want 22 Rural Counties Secede and Become Part Idaho

Truth Quest Podcast:

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