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Every time there is a police-involved death of a person of color, the Democrats use it as an opportunity to sow racial divide in America. They point to it and claim the nation is systemically racist. 

Now that the grand jury has spoken about the death of Breonna Taylor, I thought it was time to talk about this tragedy outside the fog of Leftists propaganda and disinformation. I also examine the missed opportunity to make some real reforms when it comes to no-knock warrants and the War on Drugs.

Show Notes

Episode #107 - The Truth About the Death of George Floyd

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron on Breonna Taylor Case: Police Knocked First

Supreme Court Precedent Killed Breonna

The Truth Behind the ‘No-Knock’ Warrant that Led to Breonna Taylor’s Death.

Breonna Taylor is Another Casualty in the Foolish War on Drugs

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