Ep. 1 - The Truth Quest

Welcome to Episode #1 of The Truth Quest Podcast where we will, 15-20 minutes at a time, relentlessly pursue the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity.

My name is Shawn Brodof and I will serve as your truth quest guide. I have been studying the first three topics for almost 30 years and Christian apologetics for about 10. As my studies continued, I noticed a similar pattern in all of these arenas – a resistance to the truth. Rather than pursue the truth, some people prefer to stick their head in the sand, cover their eyes and ears (anything to avoid facing the truth). They will make strawman arguments, spew talking points, name-call those who disagree with them and, sometimes, outright lie. My intention with this podcast it to uncover the truth.

Other topics discussed:

  • The intended audiences for the podcast
  • Who I am
  • Who I am NOT
  • The Dirty Half Dozen

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