Ep. 10 - The Truth About God and Evil

Let's be honest, if you are looking for a reason not to believe in God, the world is more than willing to supply you with one - the existence of evil is just one of many. It also happens to be one of the more persuasive reasons. Atheists, agnostics, and non-Christians complain all the time about how “harsh” and “evil” the God of the Old Testament appears to be. And the ever-present question of how can a good God allow so much cruelty to exist is a legitimate question worthy of an answer.

My intent with this episode is to present you with information that I have come across over the years as I continued my truth quest in regards to the question of God and evil. At this point in my journey, I feel like I know about three-quarters of the story. There are still areas where I am not clear but, perhaps this episode will spark some discussion on the Truth Quest Facebook page and you can help fill me in on the rest of the story.  

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