Ep. 101 - The Truth About May 2020

What a month it was!! Michael Flynn, Coronavirus, Mueller investigation, Obamagate, Cuomo, Twitter, Joe Rogan, Plandemic, riots and more!!!

Show Notes

Obama Participated in Plt to Frame Flynn - Sidney Powell

Grenell takes Action to Unmask Obama Officials Involved in Flynn Unmasking Scandal

Seven Bombshells in the Michael Flynn Case

Texas Supreme Court Orders Release of Jailed TX Hair Salon Owner

Lockdowns Hurt the Economy

Fauci Flips Lockdown Coronavirus Irreparable Damage

CDC Admits Covid-19 Antibody Tests are Wrong Half the Time

Just Over Half of Americans are Working as Employment-Population-Ratio Crashes to Lowest Level Ever

U.S. Lost 20.5 Million Jobs in April - Unemployment Soared to 1.7%

Phone Calls Between Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden and Ukraines Poroshenko Leak

There's No Longer Any Question Biden Carried Out Cover in Ukraine

No More Mr. Clean: Inside Scandal-Free Years of Obama's Presidency

Pentagon Plans ffor Expected Trump Order to Pull Troops from Afghanistan

Tantamount to Monopoly: Trump Signs Executive Order to Curb Unchecked Power of Social Media Giants

White House Plans to Empower FCC to Regulate American Social Media Giants

Pompeo Declares Hong Kong No Longer Autonomous From China

DOJ Drops Michael Flynn Prosecution

33 Examples of Twitter's Anti-Conservative Bias

It's Real Ugly: Protesters Clash with Minneapolis Police Following George Floyd's Death

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