Ep. 108 - The Truth About Reopening Schools

Have you noticed an overwhelming level of opposition to reopening schools in the corporate press and among many Democrats nationwide? Why is that? Why is there so much hysteria from the lockdowns-are-the-only-option crowd?

What is the truth about reopening schools?

Show Notes

CDC Study

Liberty University Business as Usual; No Social Distancing or Masks

Orange County Votes to Reopen Schools Democrats Criticize

Europe Reopens Schools; Suffers No Second Covid Wave

Milwaukee Suddenly Changes Its Mind Forbids Any School from Reopening in the Fall

One of Americas Largest School Districts Will Not Reopen for in Person Instruction Until February at the Earliest

Richmond Schools Will Not Reopen for in Person Learning This Fall

School Reopenings in Denmark Did Not Worsen Covid 19 Spread Data Shows

U.S. Health Coronavirus Denmark Reopening

Denmark Finland Say They Saw No Increase Coronavirus After Schools Reopened

Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains

Lessons on Reopening Schools the U.S. Could Learn-from Germany Israel and Thailand

Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains

The CDC Guidelines for Back to School Under Covid Sound

22 EU Member States Have Not Seen a Spike in Coronavirus Cases in Schools After Reopening

Schools World Reopening Coronavirus Pandemic

Australian Study Covid-19 Spreads Schools Considerably Less Influenza

Immediate Rise in Parent Interest in Homeschooling as Schools Reopen

GOP Senator Kennedy Keeping the Schools Closed is Going to Do Far More Harm to Our Kids Than the Coronavirus Ever Can

German Study No Evidence Coronavirus Spreads in Schools

German Study Finds No Evidence

NCIRS- Schools COVID Summary FINAL

School Openings Across Globe Suggest Ways to Keep Coronavirus at Bay Despite Outbreaks

The Case for Reopening Schools

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19: Children and Covid-19

Caring for Children

The Case for Reopening chools/

Evidence Summary Paediatric Covid-19

Coronavirus: Schools Reopening

Covid-19 Planning Considerations Return to in Person Education in Schools

Absolutely ReopenĀ  Schools 5 of 5 Pediatricians Would Send Their Kids Back to Class

Back to School: What Doctors Say About Children and Covid-19

Watch MSNBC's Melvin Stunned Top Pediatricians Unanimously Saying They Would Send Kids Back to School.

Do Lockdowns Work? Mounting Evidence Says No

Episode #73 - The Truth About Trump Derangement Syndrome

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