Ep. 131 - The Truth About the 2020 Presidential Election - The Battleground States

In the last episode, we discussed the big picture of the 2020 Presidential Election. In this episode, we will examine irregularities, improprieties and illegalities in the battleground states of Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. Along the way I repeatedly pose the questions, "Given the sheer number of allegations, why isn’t there a massive call to get to the truth? To insure election integrity? Why the name-calling and casting of aspersions on people who want these things investigated and clarified?

Show Notes

Truth Quest Podcast Episode #122 – The Truth About the Pennsylvania Vote Count

New Detailed Inventory of Election Fraud from 2020 Election Swing States: Deroy Murdock

Key Battleground States Show Massive Election Fraud Voting Irregularities Totally Erase Biden's Lead

Suit cases pulled from under table in Fulton County, GA with no Republican observers

CCTV Video of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage

Truckloads of Ballots in Michigan

Witness Immigrant Shocked at Corruption and Fraud in Michigan

Election Fraud Witnesses Provide Testimony in Michigan

Numbers Don't Lie: Data Scientist Break Voter Fraud in Arizona - Shocking Video

Focus Georgia Election Fraud: President Trump Won the State in Landslide

Georgia Election Data Shows Votes Switched from Trump to Biden

Arizona Patriots Identify 160,000-400,000 Phantom Ballots

Over 432,000 Votes Removed from Trump in Pennsylvania

The Smartest Man in the Rom has Joined Sidney Powell's Team

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