Ep. 141 - The Truth About Antifa - Fighting Fascism Through Fascistic Means

Antifa is one piece of the broader anti-American movement that prioritizes power and control over the well-being of the country as a whole. The group's biggest victory, by far, is their acceptance and tolerance by the mainstream Left including the corporate press and national Democrats.

In this episode we conduct a deep-dive into Antifa. Who are they? How well-organized are they? What is their organizational structure? Are they just an idea as Biden has said? Are they mostly peaceful protesters as countless media outlets and national Democrats have said? And, most importantly, how can a group who claims to be anti-fascist get away with employing fascistic means to achieve their objectives without being thoroughly discredited?

Show Notes

Unmasked, Andy Ngo

They Want to Destroy the United States, Andy Ngo Elaborates on Antifa


Antifa Blocks Seattle Police from Responding to Emergencies with Snow Barrier

Andy Ngo Goal of Antifa and BLM is Abolish Nation States

Episode #136 - The Truth About Politically-Induced Mental Illness

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