Ep. 154 - The Truth About Modern Monetary Theory

You have probably heard the term Modern Monetary Theory or MMT thrown around recently. It is all the rage with our overlords in Washington, D.C. But what is it?

In this episode we examine the destructiveness of MMT and learn that there is nothing modern about debasing your currency by printing worthless pieces of paper backed by nothing. We also learn that MMT is not a theory but more political propaganda backed by nothing resembling real economics or public policy.

Politicians who endorse it or do not oppose it vigorously are willfully negligent!

Show Notes

The Bob Murphy Show #18: Warren Mosler Defends MMT

The Bob Murphy Show #24 - Murphy Dissects His Discussion with Warrn Mosler

Human Action Podcast with Bob Murphy November 2020: MMT Explained

Ghana Becomes First Country to Officially End MMT Experiment

MMT: Not Modern. Not Monetary. Not a Theory - Jeff Deist

MMT History and Overview

Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory

Upside Down World MMT

MMT: Fake Economics

Doug Casey Why Modern Monetary Theory will Destroy Money

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