Ep. 158 - The Truth About Monopolies

Typical discussions about monopolies usually revolve around Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, General Motors, AT&T, Microsoft and even Blockbuster Video. The focus tends to be on pricing and lack of consumer choice. However, when you examine modern monopolies, a disturbing realization occurs: government is the only real monopoly!

By its very nature governments are designed to be monopolies in the sense that they are the only permitted providers of certain services: law enforcement, the court system, the DMV, the IRS, etc. The disturbing part of the federal government's monopoly position is how they wield their power.

In this episode we examine the dangers of government's monopoly power through the lens of big tech censorship. The national Democrats have discovered that they can circumvent the First Amendment by bullying Big Tech to restrict speech that does not comport with their agenda.

Show Notes

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company Proved That We Needed Anti-Trust Laws to Fight Such Market Monopolies

The Peter Schiff Show - Episode 709

Jen Psaki: White House Openly Giving Censorship Orders to Facebook

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