Ep. 17 - The Truth About Healthcare Reform

The reason the American healthcare system is in such a mess is because of decades of government intervention and the third-party payer system. If we reduce government involvement and bring back capitalistic, free market principles, conditions will improve; it’s almost guaranteed. In a nutshell, real healthcare reform can be accomplished by encouraging a patient-centered, market-based system that eliminates or, at least, minimizes government involvement in the system.

True to the title of this episode, I will walk you through some concrete examples of how the American healthcare system can be reformed.

Show Notes:

How to Reform Health Care in America

Health care sharing ministries

When Health Insurance Works: A Look Inside Switzerland's Healthcare System

Repealing Obamacare Won't Fix the Healthcare Mess

Stop Hating High Deductible Health Plans

Three Ways Regulations Make Healthcare More Expensive

The Evil-Mongering of the American Medical Association

Why Doctors Should be Certified Like Airline Pilots

The Problem with Government Licensing Schemes

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