Ep. 176 - The Truth About Australia - The Covid Nightmare

The country of Australia, established as a penal colony in the 18th century, has returned to its roots. Well, at least parts of it - all in the name of Covid.

All Western democracies should take note of the draconian measures enacted by several states in Australia.

Lesson learned: Authoritarians are authoritarians. If left unchecked, they will do what authoritarians do . . . control, oppress, dominate, discriminate and suppress opposition.

Show Notes

Australia Northern Territory Chief Minister Frontline Workers Get Covid Jab Nov 13 or Lose Job and Pay 5000 Fine  

Australia's Astonishing Tyranny Keeps Growing

Meanwhile Australia

Tucker Carlson: Australia

Scowling Aussie Authoritarians

Aussie Health Chief: Unvaxxed Miserable and Lonely Life

Australia's Tyrannical Department of Health Raids Anti-lockdown Doctors Clinic

Weird: Western Australia No Covid Vaccinations Continue Hospitals Overwhelmed

Australia Confiscating Bank Accounts Property Licenses and Businesses Non-Compliance Covid

Australians Protest in Melbourne after New Sweeping Vaccine Mandate Announced

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