Ep. 18 - The Truth About Gun Control

Gun control is one of the most contentious issues in American politics. The pro-Second Amendment, pro-gun arguments are so much more persuasive and based on facts, common sense, and logic that gun control advocates should be embarrassed to even engage in an argument.  

Successfully arguing this issue really only requires you to repeat the words of gun control advocates back to them with a little commentary. The illogical nature of their arguments and the place of ignorance from which they often argue is quite easy to identify and dismantle for any intellectually honest person.

Show Notes:

More Guns, Less Crime – John Lott, Jr.

The Naked Constitution – Adam Freedman

Control - Glenn Beck

The 2nd Amendment Empowers Women More than Lapel Pins.


Prager University – Is Gun Ownership a Right?

Praesidium - Short Film

Cato Institute - Tough Targets When Criminals Face Armed Resistance

CrimeResearch.org - Sixty-Eight Defensive Gun Uses by People Carrying Guns in Public Over the Last Three Months

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