Ep. 193 - The Truth About March 2022

March 2022 will be remembered as "The Month of the Doomsday Cult."

I am referring to the national Democrats, communists, leftists and malcontents who currently hold positions of power in the United States.

They advocate for killing babies in the womb on demand at tax-payer’s expense! They pushed mask mandates, business lockdowns, school shutdowns and vaccine mandates! They preferred people die rather than giving them Ivermectin or other therapeutic treatments!

They have open borders; they purposely allow gas prices and inflation to remain at record highs; they nominate activists to the Supreme Court; they warn about looming food shortages due to their policies; they are purposely working to collapse the U.S. Dollar and; they are working like hell to start World War III with Russia.

Consider their push for the cultural collapse of the nation by advocating for men to participate in women's sports; their insistence on teaching our children about gender identity and pushing irreversible gender transition treatments on children WITHOUT parental consent.

All of it damages the country and its citizens just like a DOOMSDAY CULT!

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