Ep. 20 - The Truth About Birthright Citizenship

President Trump recently stirred up a hornets nest when he mentioned that he was considering signing an executive order ending birthright citizenship. As you might expect progressives went crazy, while Democrats and establishment Republicans denounced and/or, in the case of Senator Tim Scott (SC) or outgoing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, politely “disagreed” with the President. Either way, this provides us with an opportunity to examine the Constitution and, being the constitutional geek that I am, I cannot resist.

Show Notes:

Birthright Citizenship Opponents Should Not Rely on 14th Amendment Congressional Debates - Tenth Amendment Center

Does the 14th Amendment Grant Citizenship to Children of Foreigners - Tenth Amendment Center

Birthright Citizenship What the Constitution and Common Sense Say - Tom Woods Episode #1273

An Objective Guide to Birthright Citizenship - American Thinker

Should Birthright Citizenship be Abolished? - New York Times

The Question of Birthright Citizenship - National Affairs

Citizenship Without Consent: Illegal Aliens in the American Policy, Peter Schuck

The True History of Millstone Babies, Ann Coulter

Libertarian Critique Birthright Citizenship - Mises.org

Episode #183 - Brion McClanahan Podcast - Citizenship and the 14th Amendment

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