Ep. 60 - The Truth About Do Something - Red Flag Laws

Following the two most recent mass shootings, the usual cries of DO SOMETHING have resurfaced as they always do following attacks or a crisis. After the Las Vegas shooting, we heard cries for a ban on bump stocks; today it's calls for red flag legislation. These laws, also known as Gun-Violence Restraining Orders, or Extreme Risk Protection Orders allow family members and mental health professionals to petition a court for an order enabling legal authorities to temporarily remove guns from those who are deemed to be a significant danger to themselves or others.

As is often the case with these DO SOMETHING solutions, it sounds good on the surface but what is the truth? Listen to find out.

Show Notes:

Bipartisan Red Flag Gun Laws Plan Has Support in Congress

Red Flag Laws; Second Amendment Advocates Warn Trump About Support for Gun Reform Measures

Red Flag Laws or How to Repeal the Second Amendment Soviet Style Without a Pesky Vote

Rhode Island ACLU Analysis of Red Flag Legislation

Maryland Officers Serving Red Flag Gun Removal Order Fatally Shoot Armed Man

Chinese Social Credit Score Prevents 2.5 Million Discredited Entities from Buying Plan Tickets

Red Flag Laws: Oppose the Disease at Its Beginning

Brief History of the Income Tax

Cornell Law - The Presumption of Innocence

Debunking the Patriot Act as It Turns 15

The Enforcement Problems with Gun Grabbing Red Flag Laws Are Even Worse Than You Think

Revealing the Truth About Gun Control, Red Flag Laws and the Second Amendment

Red Flag: The Dangerous Urge to Do Something


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