Ep. 71 - The Truth About the California Wildfires

Do you know how you can tell it's Fall, bordering on Winter? California is on fire! This annual event seems to fall on the heels of Oktoberfest and, we are being led to believe, that the problem is getting worse! Why? Well, of course, the sole reason for this repetitive event is . . . . climate change!

In this episode, we examine the validity of that claim and try to arrive at the truth about the California wildfires.

Show Notes

Ryan Zinke Blames Radical Enviros for California Fires

Ryan Zinke Interview 

Wildfires Caused by Bad Environmental Policy 

Trump is Right About California's Fires, It Wasn't Climate Change 

California Fires Explained Why They are Getting Worse 

Utility says power lines may have started 2 California fires

Truth Quest Podcast - Episode #7 - The Truth About Climate Change

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