Ep. 127 - The Truth About Walter E. Williams

When Walter E. Williams passed away last week, the world lost a giant intellectual, prolific columnist, humorist, economist and preacher of the truth about free markets and the United States Constitution. He was a master communicator with an uncanny ability to make complex topics and theories understandable. Throughout his life, he demonstrated unwavering courage to stand up and tell the truth starting with his challenge of the U.S. Army and President John F. Kennedy over racial discrimination in the military while holding the lowly rank of Private!

He spent decades teaching economics at George Mason University and, along the way, blessed us with volumes of logic and common sense - some of which I share with you in this episode.

Show Notes

Walter Williams Best Moments

Walter E. Williams: Suffer No Fools

PragerU – Is Capitalism Moral?

Mark Perry - Walter E. Williams RIP

Walter Williams RIP - National Review

I Just Do My Own Thing: Walter Williams RIP

Future Prospects for Economic Liberty - Hillsdale Speech

Leonard Reed - Walter Williams Steadfast Scholar Missionary of Freedom

Walter E. Williams: Up From the Projects -

Wisdom: Walter Williams

How Walter Williams Helped Me Lose Job

Thomas Dilorenzo - Walter E. Williams RIP

WaltereWilliams.com - Amnesty Proclamation

An Evening With Dr. Walter Williams - John W. Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise 

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