Ep. 149 - The Truth About Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports are touted as an innocent way of jump-starting the economy by providing a means for people to prove their vaccination status, allowing them to travel, shop, go to the gym, attend sporting and cultural events and conduct other indoor activities.

Is that it? Or is there something more sinister behind the concept? Many liken it to a tactic employed by a good old-fashioned police state; just a modern version of “Show Me Your Papers!”

In this episode we are going to connect the dots and explore the long-game of vaccine passports.

Show Notes

Episode #61 - The Truth About the Chinese Social Credit System

Episode #145 - The Truth About the Georgia Election Integrity Law

Seven Reasons Why Vaccine Passports Should Worry Us All

Vaccine Passports Prolong Lockdowns

A Limited Defense of Vaccine Passports

Joe Scarborough Slams Idiots Who Oppose Vaccine Passports

Orange County to Launch Digital Vaccine Passport Pilot

Coalition of Health Technology Industry Leaders Announce Vaccination Credential Initiative

Vaccine Passports: World vs. US and Canada

Pennsylvania Among 40 States Creating Legislation to Ban Vaccine Passports

McMaken Vaccine Passports are Just a Way for Regime to Expand Its Power

Vaccine Passports vs. Freedom

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