Ep. 182 - The Truth About Decentralization

I will be the first to admit that decentralization is not the sexiest topic, HOWEVER, it is an extremely important concept worthy of study and consideration.

I contend that the root cause of virtually every problem we have in America (and around the world) stems from centralization. I also contend that these same problems can be fixed by decentralization.

At it's most basic level, think one-size-fits-all and monopoly power versus freedom to chose, experimentation and competition. Which do you prefer?

Show Notes

Why Rothbard Wanted Radical Decentralization

Strategy to Promote Sound Money and Decentralize State

How We Will Win

Truth Quest Podcast

The Truth About Secession - Part II

The Truth About Secession - Part I

The Truth About the Tenth Amendment

The Truth About Opposition to Secession

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