Ep. 39 - The Truth About Student Loans and the Cost of College

The news is filled with stories about millennials and their student loans. We are told that, because of student loans, they are waiting longer to move out of their parents' home, get married, buy their first house and start families. We are told it is a generation crushed by debt. Unfortunately, very little time is spent analyzing why this is the case.

Why are college costs so much higher than they were in the past?

What is the truth about student loan debt and the cost of college?

Show Notes:

The Student Loan Trap

How Government Guaranteed Student Loans Killed the American Dream for Millions

Why College Tuition is So Expensive

Higher Education Institutions in the U.S. by Type

Walter Williams: Colleges Dupe Parents and Tax Payers

Truth Quest Podcast:


Average Cost of College Statistics

The Federal Role in Education

A Sensible Way to Fix  the Student Loan Problem

Eleven Rage Inducing Facts About Americas Wildly Out of Control Student Loan Debt Bubble

Health Care Isn't Our Only Ludicrously Expensive Industry

International Liberty Blog - Daniel J. Mitchell:

Sunday Reflection: Higher Education Bubble Bursting So What Comes Next

College Offer Takes Percentage of Future Income: An Alternative to Student Loans

Four in 10 College Graduates Lack the Critical Thinking Skills

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