Ep. 41 - The Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

We've all heard the claim - women only make $0.77 on the dollar compared to men! The so-called gender pay gap is front and center of the national Democrats' agenda.

Are their claims of a workforce infected with institutional discrimination true? Listen to find out.

Show Notes:

Women Earn Just Half of What Men Earn Over 15 Years

Harvard Study of Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Dispelling the Myths Why the Gender Pay Gap Does Not Reflect the Choices Women Make

Nancy Pelosi Promotes Wage Gap Bill

Equal Pay Act of 1963

Episode #3 - The Truth About the Constitution - Where in the Constitution?

Peter Schiff Show - Episode #456

PragerU - There is No Gender Pay Gap

How Come Nobody Talks About the Gender Workplace Death Gap

Bureau of Labor Statistics


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