Ep. 95 - The Truth About the Coronavirus Crisis: Lessons Learned - Part II

In the last episode, we covered some of the lighter side issues like the importance of slowing down, enjoying our families, nature and the simple things in life. We also discussed the impact the crisis will have on future attendance at traditional four-year colleges and the continued failings of socialized medical systems.

Today we are going to look at this topic more from a public policy and economics’ perspective. We examine why the United States' federal government and all centralized political bodies are too big to succeed. In the shadow of the Coronavirus crisis, we look at the dramatic need for deregulation at all levels of government.

We end the episode with an examination of the crisis from a constitutional and economic angle: fiat currency, the importance of savings, and the stock market bubble pricked by the Coronavirus.

Show Notes:

Timeline: The Regulations—and Regulators—That Delayed Coronavirus Testing 

U.S. Needs Billions of New Masks to Combat Coronavirus. Feds Say It'll Take Up To 90 Days to Approve New Mask-Making Facilities. 

Critical Medical Supply Shortage: The Moment US Woke Up To Disaster Of Always Outsourcing To China 

The 4 Key Reasons the U.S. Is So Behind on Coronavirus Testing 

Small Regulatory Reforms That Can Help People During the COVID Pandemic 

COVID-19 Exposes Americans' Financial Irresponsibility 

Only One Way Out of the Coronavirus Crisis 

Republicans Want You to Be Terrified of Ebola—So You'll Vote for Them

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