Ep. 198 - The Truth About What is NOT in the Constitution

What powers are granted by the United States Constitution to the federal government? Not much!

What is NOT in the Constitution? A lot! Things such as:

Privacy, abortion, assault weapons, old age pensions, welfare programs or infrastructure spending! There is no mention of a central bank - paper currency or digital currency, student loans or mortgages! There’s nothing about education, healthcare or health insurance, corporate bailouts, the environment or carbon dioxide emissions! Nothing about energy, labor laws, occupational safety, transportation, food, pharmaceuticals, disease control or farm subsidies! You won’t find homeland security, the CIA, the NSA, consumer protection, election laws, border security, regulating financial companies or the FDIC!

In this episode we demonstrate the absurdity and unconstitutionality of the federal government's never-ending power grab and examine the proper role it should play in society if it were put back in its small and extremely limited, constitutional sandbox.

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